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How to live longer: Strawberries may prevent high blood pressure, heart disease and cancer

Fitness & Health: Its vibrant red colouring is attractive to the eye – and nature’s gift just keeps on giving.…

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Marchers protest Romania’s virus restrictions as cases soar

Fitness & Health: Marchers have taken to the streets in the Romanian capital of Bucharest to protest restrictive measures to…

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Alcoholic fatty liver disease symptoms: Bruising on the skin may mean the liver is damaged

Fitness & Health: Cirrhosis is the medical term to describe scarring, which prevents the liver’s cells from accessing the blood…

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Covid vaccine: AstraZeneca jab causes crowding in A&E departments as ‘people are anxious’

Fitness & Health: Dr Katherine Henderson reported a huge influx of concerned people visiting A&E after having their AstraZeneca jab.…

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AstraZeneca vaccine: Government to face compliance challenge if jab advice changes

Fitness & Health: Blood clotting cases have concerned authorities across Europe, who have identified a loose association with the AstraZeneca…

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Turmeric benefits: Five ways the spice could improve your health – backed by science

Fitness & Health: Turmeric has been shown to have a range of benefits, but five of its most prominent are…

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More Black Americans open to vaccines after outreach efforts

Fitness & Health: Like others in her family, Mattie Pringle had doubts about taking the coronavirus vaccine. The 57-year-old Black…

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Mobile vaccination aims to reach older Mississippi adults

Fitness & Health: CLARKSDALE, Miss. — Eola Murry, 75, never questioned that she wanted to get the COVID-19 vaccine when…

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Iran enforces 10-day lockdown amid fourth wave of pandemic

Fitness & Health: State TV reports that Iran has begun a 10-day lockdown amid a fourth wave of coronavirus infections…

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Reforms follow deadly year in New York nursing homes

Fitness & Health: ALBANY, N.Y. — After a deadly year in New York’s nursing homes, state lawmakers have passed legislation…

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