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COVID outbreak on cruise ship approaching New Orleans

Fitness & Health: Officials say 10 people aboard a Norwegian Cruise Line ship approaching New Orleans have tested positive for…

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Central heating, showering too much, and woolly jumpers could be bad for you, doctor warns

Fitness & Health: Dr Manuraj Singh highlighted the risks associated with cranking up the central heating, layering up in woolly…

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How to live longer: The most ‘powerful’ way to protect yourself against ageing

Fitness & Health: A new study is underway examining the examining how diet can emulate the impact of medications on…

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How to live longer: Ways to reduce your risk of cancer – 4 in 10 cases are preventable

Fitness & Health: Cancer is a condition where cells in a specific part of the body grow and reproduce uncontrollably,…

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Diabetes type 2: The diet proven to put your diabetes into ‘reversal’ – what to eat

Fitness & Health: A review of different diabetes treatments has revealed three methods that have the potential to put the…

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UK tightens travel testing rules amid omicron concerns

Fitness & Health: Britain’s government has tightened travel restrictions amid concerns about the spread of the omicron coronavirus variant ByThe…

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Princess Margaret: The life-threatening medical condition which plagued the Queen’s sister

Fitness & Health: Indeed, Princess Margaret passed away in 2002, aged 71. Princess Margaret was the first member of the Royal…

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Dementia: The activity in your 40s that puts you at a threefold higher risk of dementia

Fitness & Health: A study conducted by Cardiff University has revealed that a sport involving frequent, repeated blows to the…

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More omicron detected as hospitals strain under virus surge

Fitness & Health: New York has announced three more cases of the omicron variant of the coronavirus, bringing to eight…

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Parkinson’s disease: How many times do you poo a day? The number linked with ‘higher risk’

Fitness & Health: The disease is a progressive nervous system disorder, known for causing problems like tremors. The progression of…

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