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Hearing loss: The popular diet that may have ‘a direct association’ with ‘sudden deafness’

Fitness & Health: Hearing loss is a natural part of the ageing cycle, and the condition can be suffered to…

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High cholesterol: Do you hear that? The ‘sound’ of narrowing arteries that ‘can be heard’

Fitness & Health: Cholesterol-carrying molecules are critical for good health, but they become a nuisance when they start clogging the…

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Emma Thompson health: ‘Up there with childbirth’ – Star on varicose veins treatment

Fitness & Health: Thompson, 63, features in the upcoming film Good Luck to You, Leo Grande, where she appears naked…

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Peter Finch health: Network actor’s ‘sudden’ death explained – ‘a blow to all of us’

Fitness & Health: Peter Finch played the anchorman Howard Beale in the 1976 film Network – a film which earned…

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B12 deficiency symptoms: Three nail changes that can signal low B12 levels – BMJ report

Fitness & Health: Vitamin B12 is needed by the body for two primary reasons, to produce red blood cells and…

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Monkeypox: WHO warns of ‘profound’ symptom to spot as cases keep increasing in the UK

Fitness & Health: Monkeypox is a rare infection originating in Africa. There are two variants of monkeypox, one variant from west…

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High blood pressure warning: The summer cheeses that may raise your hypertension reading

Fitness & Health: High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is the predecessor of serious health problems, ranging from heart…

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Monkeypox: The ‘severe’ signs that can prove ‘life-threatening’ as cases rise in the UK

Fitness & Health: Monkeypox continues to rise across the UK, with 71 cases detected so far. The outbreak is not…

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‘Stay safe!’ – Sajid Javid’s urgent plea to Express readers in major skin cancer warning

Fitness & Health: More people need to be aware of the dangers of skin cancer, Health Secretary Sajid Javid exclusively…

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Super doctor spared man from ‘aggressive prostate cancer’ in unrelated appointment – signs

Fitness & Health: When 61-year-old Angus Watson visited his doctor in 2020 it wasn’t to check for prostate cancer but…

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