Bloating quick remedies: 4 tips to relieve a bloated belly fast

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Bloating occurs when excess gas builds up in the stomach. It can be very uncomfortable and can be caused by a range of gut conditions, many of which don’t have surefire solutions. But there are ways to speed up the digestive process that can manage the pain and discomfort that comes after eating for many people.

Abdominal bloating is when the abdomen feels full and tight, and it can make it uncomfortable to move as well as making you feel nauseous at times.

Bloating usually occurs due to a buildup of gas somewhere in the gastrointestinal tract.

It can cause your belly to look larger and rounder than it normally would, and it may also feel tender or painful.


Bloating resolves itself in the hours after you’ve eaten, but for some it can be long lasting and methods need to be used to get your gut back on track again.

Thankfully, there are several tips you can follow if you’re hoping to relieve your bloated belly pains – and quickly.


Yoga has many health benefits, and helping release built-up gas is one of them.

Some yoga positions can position the muscles in your abdomen in a way that allows trapped gas to be released from the gut.

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Poses that can help include happy baby pose, child’s pose, and squats – but don’t exercise immediately after eating as you could make yourself feel worse.

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