Coronavirus vaccines: Pfizer or Moderna – new immunity research on more ‘robust’ jab

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Experts at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre (BIDMC) – a teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School – measured induced immune responses in those who have had the Pfizer and Moderna Covid vaccines over an eight-month period. The investigators evaluated the participants’ levels of antibodies and T cells at two to four weeks following complete immunisation. This is regarded as the “time of peak immunity”, which was followed by immunity evaluation for up to eight months after vaccination.

In this clinical review, there were 31 participants who received the Pfizer jab and 22 participants who received the Moderna jab.

“The mRNA vaccines were characterised by high peak antibody responses that declined sharply by month six and declined further by month eight,” said Dr Dan Barouch.

The medical director of the centre for virology and vaccine research at BIDMC noted that the Moderna vaccine elicited antibody responses which were generally higher and “more durable” than Pfizer.


Thus, it would seem that the Moderna vaccine is more “robust” than the Pfizer vaccine at producing lasting immunity.

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Only eight participants in the clinical review had received the Johnson and Johnson Covid vaccine.

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Dr Barouch pointed out that the one-shot jab “induced lower initial antibody responses”.

However, theses “responses were generally stable over time with minimal to no evidence of decline”.

All three vaccines demonstrated “broad cross-reactivity” to variants of SARS-CoV-2, meaning they were effective against different Covid strains.

In the UK alone, there have been over 94,756,683 people who have been vaccinated against coronavirus.

Now that winter is upon us, what are the latest Government statistics on the Covid situation?

As of Sunday, October 17, the number of people getting infected with coronavirus is on the rise.

Unfortunately, this is starting to translate into the number of patients admitted to hospital and dying from Covid which is also on the increase.

However, the rate of hospitalisations and deaths is much lower than if the population were unvaccinated.

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