Dementia: Five foods to ‘limit’ to reduce your risk – how much of each should you eat

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One of the actions a person can take to reduce their risk of developing dementia could be through their diet. Research suggests, says the British Heart Foundation, that a healthy diet might reduce a person’s risk of developing dementia. Part of this is down to the fact that “having a heart or circulatory disease can raise your risk of dementia”. As a result, the healthier the body, the lower the risk.

The BHF has a list of guidelines and tips on which foods to limit, and by how much to limit, to reduce an individual’s risk of dementia.

On fried and fast food, the charity says that these should be limited to less than once a week.

Not only should fried food be limited to less than once a week, so too should cheese.


With regard to red meats, it is recommended that the should be consumed less than four times a week.

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Pastries and sweets should be ingested less than five times a week.

Butter is the fifth food to cut with the BHF advising an individual should consume less than one tablespoon a day to reduce their risk of dementia.

Alternatively, there is something known as the MIND diet.

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Standing for Mediterranean-DASH Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay, it consists of two diets rolled into one.


While this sounds promising, the study wasn’t conclusive.

More research needs to be done to conclusively identify how effective the MIND diet is at reducing a person’s risk of dementia.

What has been found is the combination of the Mediterranean diet and the DASH diet can reduce a person’s risk of developing heart and circulatory disease.

In summary, the five foods and recommendations, are:
• Fried or fast food (less than once a week)
• Cheese (less than once a week)
• Red meats (less than four times a week)
• Pastries and sweets (less than five times a week)
• Butter (less than one tablespoon a day)

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