Epilepsy: The common condition that could increase your risk two-fold

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Researchers from the Boston University School of Medicine have conducted a study to see if there is any link between the vascular risk factors and the onset of epilepsy. The results were surprising. It was found that hypertension (high blood pressure) was linked to around a two-fold increase in the likelihood of developing late-onset epilepsy. Published in the medical journal Epilepsia, the risk was higher for those who did not use medicine to control their blood pressure.

According to the NHS, seizures are sudden bursts of electrical activity in the brain that temporarily affects how it works.

Seizures can affect different people in different ways.

It all depends on which part of the brain is affected.


Some seizures result in physical shakes whilst others cause symptoms like loss of awareness or strange sensations.


Seizures don’t tend to last long, a few minutes or seconds, and they can be triggered by something as innocuous as feeling very tired.

There isn’t just one type either.

According to the NHS, there are nine types of seizures:
• Simple partial seizures/auras
• Complex partial seizures
• Tonic-clonic seizures
• Absences
• Myoclonic seizures
• Clonic seizures
• Tonic seizures
• Atonic seizures
• Status epilepticus

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There are multiple treatments for epilepsy.

You might be prescribed anti-epileptic drugs or surgery to remove the small part of your brain causing the seizures.

Furthermore, you could have an electric device put inside your body to help control your seizures or move onto a ketogenic diet to control the seizures.

If you are worried about epilepsy contact and consult with your GP.

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