Hair loss treatment: Herb containing a powerful ingredient to help increase hair regrowth

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Although hair loss does not deteriorate general health, it may constitute a ruined self-confidence. Typically, men are affected by androgenetic alopecia (AGA), but it is a widespread dermatological problem affecting women also.

Horsetail contains a high level of silica which is one of the reasons it helps to stimulate hair growth. 

Silica is a compound which strengthens both nails and hair.

Horsetail plant is also known to improve blood circulation which leads to healthier hair follicles.


Therefore, it’s also suitable for men and women struggling with thinning.

Silica is one of the planet’s most common and important elements.

The element contains silicic acid which is known to increase the tensile strength and thickness of hair and reduce brittleness, according to dermatological research.

Silica is a compound which helps to strengthen not only hair but also nails.

Another reason why the herb is believed to be able to stimulate hair growth is because of its antioxidant effects.

Horsetail can also improve circulation, leading to the improvement of hair follicles and to help stimulate hair growth.

The herb also has the ability to increase urine output by acting as a diuretic, leading the system to cleanse and detox itself.

This tends to result in better overall health and improve blood circulation.

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Blood circulation improves the condition of both the scalp and the individual hair follicles.

With these improvements comes the ability for hair follicles to produce new hair.

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