High cholesterol: The ‘severe’ sensation that could be a sign – ‘Challenging to treat’

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High cholesterol can boost your risk of severe health problems, ranging from heart disease to stroke. That’s why it’s crucial to retrieve your levels from the red zone. While picking up the condition based solely on its symptoms can prove difficult, high cholesterol could eventually lead to a “severe” burning pain.

While you might be unaware of having high cholesterol, leaving this condition untreated can lead to atherosclerosis.

This process describes arteries that are becoming blocked with fatty substances called plaques.

What’s worse, this process doesn’t necessarily end with a cholesterol build-up as it can also restrict the blood flow to your legs.


This is also referred to as peripheral arterial disease (PAD), according to the NHS. And this condition is able to trigger the “severe” sensation.

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Once the blood flow to your legs gets “severely restricted”, you can go on to develop critical limb ischaemia (CLI).

CLI is an “extremely serious” condition that can be “challenging to treat”, the NHS warns.

However, this condition can also cause the “severe” burning pain in your legs and feet.

The health service explains that this painful sign can be persistent even when you’re resting.

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How to lower high cholesterol

Although high cholesterol can have serious health implications, there are various interventions that can get the culprit to drop back to the safe zone.

For example, a cholesterol-busting diet is mainly about cutting down on saturated fat – think butter, cakes, fatty cuts of meat and cheese.

Your levels can also benefit from other lifestyle tweaks such as quitting smoking, drinking less and exercising.

However, some people might have to start taking a medicine called statins in order to prevent further problems.

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