How To Recover From Childhood Bullying

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Bullying can leave you feeling powerless, unsafe, insecure, and make you feel isolated as a child. If you’ve ever been bullied as a kid, it’s possible that you’re still feeling the effects of the trauma now.

Self-doubt, inability to put confidence in others, and a lack of meaningful relationships are all possible symptoms. If you were bullied as a child and it wasn’t dealt with, this lack of healing and closure is even more pronounced.

It is likely that the injury to your self-esteem is still fresh in your mind. These repercussions don’t go away just because you’ve matured into an adult. Adults who were bullied as children are more likely to suffer from anxiety disorders, sadness, and suicide thoughts, according to research.

Contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 988 for help and support from a certified counselor if you’re having suicidal thoughts. For quick assistance in the event of an emergency, dial 911.


Recovery is possible. Here are ten steps you can take to heal from childhood or adolescent bullying.

Focus On Finding Closure

To truly rehabilitate, you must be able to put the past behind you. While acknowledging how bullying affected you is important, it is also important to separate yourself from it at some time.

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The bullying you were subjected to does not define you as an individual. Instead of dwelling on the past, focus on discovering who you are today. It has been observed that a letter to the bullies helps some victims of bullying find resolution on the events that occurred. By doing so, you are able to communicate all of the hurt and rage you were unable to as a kid.

Be Kind To Yourself As You Recover

You may never fully recover, especially if you didn’t confront the bullies when they were happening. As a result, you’re probably carrying around a lot of misconceptions and unhealthy habits.

Give yourself time and space to recover and celebrate your progress, no matter how modest it may be. However minor and gradual, the changes are nonetheless significant. You’ll wake up one day and see a completely different person in the mirror.

Focus On Your Personal Development

Ascertain where you need to grow or heal and then take action. Do you need to improve your self-esteem or assertiveness, for example? A self-defense lesson or joining a gym could also help you learn how to set boundaries. Determine what you wish to improve or change in your life.

Making this list on your own is preferable to getting input from others. That way, you can take responsibility for the changes you create. A friend or family member can help you discover your flaws if you’re having problems.

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Take Control Of Your Thought Patterns

People who are recovering from childhood bullying sometimes obsess over the idea of never having to go through what they went through.

Take control of your ideas by learning how to control them. Make a list of the things that bring you joy and use that list as a guide to your goals. Rather than obsessing about the past and the present, focus on the future. Constantly recalling the agony and suffering you’ve undergone is detrimental to your well-being. Don’t allow yourself to be consumed by the challenges you are dealing with. Learn how negative thought processes influence our self-confidence at

Be Aware Of Your Worth and Value

Because bullying is based on lies about your value as a person, it can cause people to lose their self-confidence and self-esteem.

The bully’s lies about you need to be rejected and the reality about who you are should be substituted. Focus on relearning how to be yourself again. To get started, write down the things you like about yourself……

Do you have a special talent? Do you know what you’re good at? What is it about you that attracts others? What features of your personality do you find appealing? Reject the lies that the bullies have taught you and refocus on the qualities you have going for you.

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