Omicron BA.5: The ‘predominant’ symptom seen in 63% of patients

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Speaking on Zoe’s YouTube channel, Professor Tim Spector shared the “latest” Covid symptoms to spot. While certain signs like altered smell seem to be less “frequent”, others are on the rise.

He said: “[Symptoms] seem to have changed a little bit now that Omicron BA.5 is really dominant in the UK.

“Sore throat is still the predominant symptom here, followed by headache.”

In fact, this scratchy sign was seen across 63 percent of the Zoe Covid app users.


The research app helps the professor and his colleagues obtain data from Covid-positive patients, identifying the dominant signs.


Professor Spector added: “It’s looking like it’s causing fewer symptoms and maybe milder in most people. 

“Of course, there are exceptions and some people are still getting very severe disease.

“It’s possible that BA.5 causes symptoms with a lower amount of virus and that could explain the slightly milder symptoms.”

Fortunately, Covid cases in the UK continue to fall week-on-week, based on figures from the Office for National Statistics.

Around one in 60 people were estimated to suffer from Covid in England, and one in 65 in Wales in the week ending on August 23, while one in 50 was believed to have the virus in Northern Ireland and one in 55 in Scotland.

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