Rhod gilbert health: Star on his infertility – ‘I have never spoken to anyone about it’

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Rhod Gilbert’s comedic talents have made him a mainstay of British television shows. The comedian displayed an uncharacteristically solemn side to his personality this morning on ITV’s Lorraine. The TV favourite revealed his personal motivations for fronting a new documentary about male fertility.

“I have never spoken to anyone about it, not to my family, friends, wife,” Rhod revealed.

When asked about why men find it so hard to open up about male infertility, he said: “It is very complicated feelings about manhood, virility and masculinity.”

Rhod added: “Basically we see fertility as a female issue and part of the problem is men’s reluctance to talk about it.”


Rhod relates with this reluctance: “My experience I did not come forward enough, did not ask enough questions.”

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The comedian explained his wife has infertility issues too and admitted that he should “put my hand up more”.

What causes male infertility?

According to the NHS, a common cause of infertility in men is poor-quality semen – the fluid containing sperm that’s ejaculated during sex.

Possible reasons for abnormal semen include:

  • A lack of sperm – you may have a very low sperm count or no sperm at all
  • Sperm that are not moving properly – this will make it harder for sperm to swim to the egg
  • Abnormal sperm – sperm can sometimes be an abnormal shape, making it harder for them to move and fertilise an egg.
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As the NHS explains, many cases of abnormal semen are unexplained.

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How to enhance your fertility

Fortunately, you can improve your chances of conceiving through a number of lifestyle interventions.

According to Bupa, having sex every two to three days will maximise the chance of pregnancy by making sure you’re having sex during your partner’s most fertile time of the month.

“Avoid lubricants if you can – some can affect the quality of your sperm and make them less likely to fertilise your partner’s egg,” advises the health body.

In addition, you should shun unhealthy lifestyle habits because they can affect fertility.

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