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Trump campaign says debate structure should not be changed

Today News Post || Latest News Less than 24 hours after the commission that oversees the general election presidential debates…

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Rep. Katie Porter gives pharma executive the

Today News Post || Latest News In her short political career, Rep. Katie Porter has quickly acquired a reputation for…

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As Pence is about to take the debate stage next week, the 2024 primary is already in sight

Today News Post || Latest News Vice President Mike Pence takes center stage next week when he debates Senator Kamala…

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Senate panel moves to subpoena CEOs of Facebook, Twitter and Google

Today News Post || Latest News A Senate panel has moved to compel testimony from the CEOs of social media…

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Pope Francis refuses to meet with Mike Pompeo ahead of 2020 election

Today News Post || Latest News A high-ranking Vatican official said Wednesday that Pope Francis would not meet with U.S.…

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Republicans narrow voter registration gap in swing states

Today News Post || Latest News There are still more people registered as Democrats than Republicans in the battleground states…

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House likely to vote on revised coronavirus relief bill Thursday

Today News Post || Latest News The House is likely to vote on a $2.2 trillion coronavirus relief bill on…

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Trump administration sets refugee cap at 15,000, a new record low

Today News Post || Latest News The Trump administration said it is planning to take in no more than 15,000…

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Federal court rebuffs Trump administration’s efforts to accelerate census deadlines

Today News Post || Latest News Washington — A federal appeals court in California on Wednesday rejected a request from…

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Trump signs stopgap spending bill to avert government shutdown

Today News Post || Latest News Washington — President Trump signed a stopgap government spending bill just after midnight Thursday…

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