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‘Superagers’ with sharp memories in their 80s have larger neurons

News Post || Tech News Neurons in a part of the brain involved in memory may be 10 per cent…

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NASA’s Juno spacecraft takes closest images of Europa for 20 years

News Post || Tech News NASA’s Juno spacecraft flew just 352 kilometres above Jupiter’s moon Europa, sending back extraordinarily detailed…

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SpaceX may help the Hubble Space Telescope boost its lifespan

News Post || Tech News NASA and SpaceX are studying whether it would be possible to use a Dragon spacecraft…

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Genetic test for cancer is less accurate for Black and Asian people

News Post || Tech News By Grace Wade The number of genetic changes detected in a tumour can help doctors…

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How Hurricane Ian compares to Florida’s most destructive storms

News Post || Tech News Hurricane Ian pummeled Florida’s Gulf Coast Wednesday, becoming one of the most powerful storms to…

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U.S. agency adopts new space junk rules to reduce exploration risks

News Post || Tech News The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted 4-0 Thursday on to adopt new rules to…

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Western Arctic Ocean is acidifying four times faster than other oceans

News Post || Tech News Melting ice has increased how fast Arctic waters are absorbing carbon dioxide, making them more…

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Hubble and JWST both saw the aftermath of NASA’s DART asteroid mission

News Post || Tech News After NASA’s DART mission slammed into the asteroid Dimorphos, the Hubble Space Telescope and the…

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Discovery of ‘fingerprint’ confirms alarming predictions of Greenland ice sheet melt

News Post || Tech News Until recently, fingerprint science was restrained by a lack of satellite observations — records only…

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News at a glance: Earth science satellites, Global Fund’s haul, and Neptune’s rings

News Post || Tech News EARTH SCIENCE European satellite duo will study oceans and warming The European Space Agency (ESA)…

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