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“An awful lot of untouched questions.” The state of U.S. gun violence research

News Post || Tech News In the past two weeks, the United States has seen two horrific high-profile mass shootings:…

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Robot that climbs through gut without losing grip could deliver drugs

News Post || Tech News A robot that uses its spiked feet to cling to the mucus-covered lining of the…

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Accuser loses defamation suit in Peruvian sexual harassment case

News Post || Tech News A judge in Peru ruled against archaeologist Marcela Poirier on 23 May in a defamation…

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Early dogs may have doubled in size to protect livestock

News Post || Tech News European dogs doubled in size from 8000 to 2000 years ago, a new study suggests.…

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NASA awards $2 million to advance rainbow-coloured solar sail project

News Post || Tech News As part of its Innovative Advanced Concepts programme, NASA has given a major award to…

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Which US laws have been shown to cut gun violence and mass shootings?

News Post || Tech News By Grace Wade People outside the US Capitol protest against gun violence after a mass…

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Fonte de orgulho nacional, INPE luta para sobreviver

News Post || Tech News Esse texto é uma tradução da reportagem original em inglês, publicada aqui Cuidadosamente guardadas em…

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Proteins in human bones near Pompeii survived temperatures of 500°C

News Post || Tech News Many ancient Romans died when the towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum were buried by hot…

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NASA looks to solar sails as a way to power future missions

News Post || Tech News A NASA-funded project is developing new technologies that would allow a spacecraft to fly through…

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Egg-eating humans helped drive Australia’s ‘thunder bird’ to extinction

News Post || Tech News Fifty thousand years ago, Australia was populated by big birds—really big birds. One of them,…

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