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Florida Company Develops Way To Generate Power By Harnessing The Gulf Stream

News Post || Tech News OceanBased Perpetual Energy has pioneered a way to generate electricity by harnessing the Gulf Stream,…

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Stratospheric Balloons Will Rain Tiny Electronic Spies From The Sky

News Post || Tech News Google sister company Loon has just launched a service providing 4G internet to remote parts…

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‘Desperation science’ slows the hunt for coronavirus drugs

News Post || Tech News Desperate to solve the deadly conundrum of COVID-19, the world is clamoring for fast answers…

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For people who don’t like cloth masks, do face shields work as well?

News Post || Tech News As new daily coronavirus cases in the U.S. keep spiking, government orders to require masks…

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Climate change may push Zika virus into southern and eastern Europe

News Post || Tech News By Donna Lu Ochlerotatus detritus, one of the mosquitoes capable of spreading Zika virus that…

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Vaginal mesh safety review highlights failures in UK health system

News Post || Tech News By Jessica Hamzelou A Sling the Mesh protest in May 2019Haydn Wheeler/Alamy The UK’s “unresponsive…

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Risk of airborne coronavirus spread being underplayed, say researchers

News Post || Tech News By Michael Le Page Visitors at the recently reopened Louvre museum in Paris, FranceAurelien Meunier/Getty…

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Covid-19 news: Everyone should wear face coverings, says Royal Society

News Post || Tech News By Clare Wilson , Jessica Hamzelou , Adam Vaughan , Conrad Quilty-Harper and Layal Liverpool…

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Why hasn’t the UK seen a second wave of the coronavirus?

News Post || Tech News By Clare Wilson People returned to bars in London after they reopened on 4 JulyDANIEL…

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Three Mars missions poised to launch to the Red Planet in July

News Post || Tech News July is the month of Mars. Three missions are poised to launch toward the Red…

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