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Complex codebases have been slowing developers down for many years because as codebases grow, there’s a lack of shared understanding of how code is meant to function as a whole, hence leading to a “trillion-dollar problem.” Then three years ago, ex-Googler engineer Shanea Leven and her partner Josh Leven set out to help developers and teams to master the continuous understanding of complex codebases. And that was how CodeSee was born.

CodeSee is the first-ever platform to help development teams visually understand complex codebases. CodeSee analyzes the data flowing through your system to maintain an updated map of your system architecture, its components, and the connections between them. Developers can then explore at a high level, or dive in and see the data right next to the code.

Today, CodeSee said that it has raised $7M in additional seed funding to support the company’s rapid growth and fuel its ongoing development and delivery to developers globally. The announcement comes on the heels of CodeSee’s initial round of funding in September, this additional Seed investment was led by new investors Wellington Access Ventures, Plexo Capital, bringing the company’s total raised to $10 million.

This add-on seed funding was led by new investors Wellington Access Ventures, Plexo Capital, and existing investors with participation from angel investors Adam Gross (former CEO of Heroku) and Window Snyder (former Chief Security Officer of Square, Intel, and Fastly), among many others.


CodeSee said the new capital infusion will also be used to build and launch new Maps features to address surging customer demand and expand its enterprise and team offering.

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“Code is hard for every developer to understand, particularly when our codebases are increasingly complex, fragmented, and overwhelming. At CodeSee, we want to shake up the standard ways of understanding code, with Maps—interactive code diagrams for every stage of development, from developer onboarding to code reviews,” said Shanea Leven, co-founder and CEO of CodeSee. “Software is everywhere and code is a part of almost everything we do. Doesn’t everyone have a right to code visibility and improved understanding—no matter how complex the codebase?”

“We’re working with our users and enterprise teams to build features and functionality that will allow even more developers to visually share their code-based knowledge. We’re pretty pumped about this next phase of growth for CodeSee,” Leven added.

CodeSee Maps are interactive code diagrams that help developers and teams make easy codebase knowledge sharing a reality. Since its release in 2021, CodeSee Maps has seen thousands of active users and the company was named one of the 20 Rising Stars as part of the Forbes 2021 Cloud 100 list.

“Our thesis is that every company is becoming a software development company and developers need to be more efficient,” said Lo Toney, Founding Managing Partner of Plexo Capital. “CodeSee is at the forefront of creating a scalable solution for this large market opportunity.”

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