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Unizen, a smart exchange aggregator, has today announced a $200M commitment funding from Global Emerging Markets Global (GEM) to boost innovation on its platform and expand its features. Additionally, the funding commitment enables new product development and global adoption of Unizen, while providing retail and institutional clients with the opportunity to add cryptocurrency to their portfolios easily and efficiently.

According to a team statement, the commitment to capital funding will be released on mutually agreed milestone-based and performance-related stages to optimize the utilization of the initial funding. Announced Monday, the capital commitment will help Unizen pioneer the future of the CeDeFi industry, with an aim to become the global leader in providing crypto exchange solutions.  The funding will also be used to accelerate the execution of trade aggregation on the platform, offering a faster and cheaper channel for investors to swap their crypto assets.

Speaking on the latest capital funding, Sean Noga, CEO of Unizen said, “We are proud to welcome GEM to the Unizen Ecosystem as a potent and strategically aligned growth partner that can support the rapid expansion of the Unizen platform, brand and community.”

Launched in 2021 on the Binance Chain ecosystem, Unizen offers users a crypto exchange aggregation platform, supporting cross-chain swaps and interoperability across decentralized applications (DApps). Furthermore, Unizen allows traders the convenience and compliance of centralized exchanges (CEXs) while maintaining the trustlessness and low fees of decentralized exchanges (DEXs), providing users with a seamless trading platform.


With the latest funding from GEM, Unizen will improve the features already available while introducing an industry-first functionality of first-party and third-party CEXs and DEXs to meet their clients’ needs. Such are the features that made Unizen the latest company to join GEM’s alternative investment portfolio. Moreover, Unizen’s combination of compliance (mostly on centralized exchanges) and innovation (from DeFi) will provide users with the best offers, reliable performance, and a secure environment for high-volume trading.

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The funding commitment will also be used to advance Unizen’s innovation and incubation center, ZenX Labs. The center aims to provide CeDeFi projects and DApps on Binance Chain with needed technical solutions, motivation, expertise, and marketing to empower their growth in the wider crypto market. ZenX Labs will also provide the projects with guidance in compliance matters, ensuring each project is in line with regulations.

Once the ZenX Labs’ projects take off to a global market base, the projects can choose to reward the native $ZCX token holders benefits to incentivize the Unizen community to join their platform. The token holders will benefit from the growth of incubated projects via the Dynamic Multi-Asset Staking (DMAS), whereby incubated projects could choose to reward the Unizen community once they take off or gain long-term success.

In closing, the team statement also announced the addition of the $ZCX token to several exchanges including Unizen, Uniswap, and other centralized exchanges such as Kucoin, Gate, MEX, and BitMart.

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