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Downloading content from is easy. But you need to be creative since you can’t directly download from Odnoklassniki.  Odnoklassniki or (Classmates) is a social media or social networking website. This social networking service is primarily used in Russia and the former Soviet Republic member countries such as Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Tajikistan, Moldova, etc,. The site was developed by Albert Popkov and launched on March 4, 2006. It has become a dominant source of entertainment for people from Eastern European countries such as Bulgaria, Ukraine, and Russia.

The website currently has more than 200 million registered users and 45 million daily unique visitors. Odnoklassniki also currently has an excellent Alexa ranking in the world. It is a social networking website, which implies that it is also a video sharing website. Meaning that users that come onto the website to network and interact with their known-friends have opportunities to upload videos that are of interest to them.

Since does not give content access for offline purposes to its users, downloading content from can be difficult. To download videos from you will need an video downloader. These types of video downloaders are available all over the internet as video downloading sites or apps. We have found the top 5 and listed them for you below!

Top 5 video downloader sites and apps

Before we compile the list of the best video downloaders, we need to ensure that the tools we list are in fact the best video downloaders. We need to assess all the crucial factors carefully. After considering this we can be sure about what video downloader would be ranked ahead of the others. We have curated a list while giving importance to certain factors when deciding the list of the tools which are best to show you how to download from Odnoklassiniki. 

These factors when highlighted work favorably and act as Pros, in favor of the video downloader when they are active. But when the factor is missing it will act as a Con, against the video downloader. When creating our complete list of the downloaders, we debated on what users desired and needed. We then created a list of the factors that we have considered when ranking an video downloader tool:

  1. Downloading speed of the tool. We sought out an video downloader that will complete the downloading process as early as possible.
  2. The audio quality of the downloaded video(s)  from a specific Odnoklassniki video downloader. It is crucial to find the video downloader that will have amazing HQ audio coming in at 320 kbps when trying to download videos from 
  3. The compatibility of the video downloader with all types of devices such as PCs, Laptops, & smartphones of different types of operating systems.
  4. The ease in use of the tool. We have found the tools that are the easiest to operate and navigate through for downloading videos from with no issues. You should not face any problems when trying to download videos from
  5. The safety and security, that the video downloaders provide to the visitors of their websites. This factor ensures that the users are safeguarded from cyber viruses and attacks when using the downloader suggested by us.
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Therefore, we compiled a basic criterion that the downloader needed to have to make it onto our list. Thus our top 5 video downloader list comprises of the best tools to download videos. These tools are the fastest, safest, best quality providing, and most versatile Odnoklassniki video downloaders available for free on the internet. Below you will find the list of the best video downloading tools from the best to the fifth-best:

  1. Soundcloud to Mp3 downloader
Ok.Ru video downloader
Img: Scloud To Mp3 Downloader

Scloud to Mp3 downloader has the best video downloader. The tool will help you easily download videos from Odnoklassniki onto your device for offline viewing and pleasure. This downloader is an awesome tool and needs you to:

  • Find the video from the platform
  • Copy the video URL of the video that you have found
  • Come on to Scloud to mp3 downloader’s video downloader and paste the video link. 
  • Press enter onto the video downloaderand select your preferred video format.

Then you will have saved the video that you want offline on your computer or mobile device. The video downloader by Scloud to mp3 is compatible with all smartphones such as ios and Android. This Odnoklassniki downloader also works on all computers irrespective of the operating system. The video downloader works on every web browser and does not show any ads, pop-ups, or registration requirements. This tool is secure and is equipped with encryption and Google malware to ensure cybersecurity for its users.

  1. Ok vid Download
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Img: Ok Vid Download

Ok vid is an excellent video downloading tool. This tool also has a very easy to navigate and has a straightforward process to download videos from This tool will need you:

  • Go to and look up the video that you wish to save offline.
  • Now view the video and ensure that the video quality is to your liking.
  • Now select your preferred video quality and copy the URL of the video with the better quality.
  • Visit ok vid’s site and paste the video URL. After this, you should press enter and wait.

This allows you to download videos from the platform to your device. This tool is diverse and works on almost all web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, and more.

  1. Keep save it 
Img: Keep Save It

Keep save it is an video downloader is a great video downloading tool. It is highly efficient and very less time-consuming. This tool is equipped with not only handling your Odnoklassniki video downloading needs but will help you download videos from elsewhere. Keep save it works to help you download videos from platforms such as Facebook, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Pinterest, and many more. The keep save it process for downloading is the same as the one for ok vid. Due to this Keep save it also has great options to allow you to download any video with the best video and audio quality possible. 

  1. Ymp4 Download
Img: Ymp4 Download

Ymp4 is an video downloader tool that allows you to download videos and convert them to mp4 files. This website is equipped to help you download videos on your iPhone, Android smartphone, or tablet of any type. This Odnoklassniki downloader works perfectly with all computers that are windows, Mac, or Linux. The video downloader by Ymp4 gives the users great access and control over the downloading process as well. 

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With Ymp4 you can select what video you want to download. It helps the video quality you would want for your saved video, such as 480p, 720p, 1080p, HD, or SD. Due to its amazing user-interface and somewhat customizability, makes YMP4 one of the best video downloader available online. 

  1. Paste download

Paste download is an online video downloader that can help you download videos from for free. This video downloader is completely easy to use with little instructions that will guide you through the video downloading process. This tool can be used without any external video downloading apps or extensions. The downloading speed of this video downloader is very fast! This means you can download any video you want within a matter of minutes. The process of this video downloader is similar to its alternatives. You just need to copy and paste your URL here and it will automatically analyze your link and start downloading.

This video downloader claims to be accessible by all operating system devices such as all types of laptops, PCs, tablets, mobile devices, etc,. 

How to download videos from Ok.Ru to Android or PC?

Downloading videos from / Odnoklassniki is very easy with the best online video converter. For saving and converting videos all you need to do is follow simple step by step guide mentioned below.

  1. Open from your device and find the video you want to download.
  2. Click on the link button available on the video player.
  3. Now select the “COPY Link” option presented to you.
  4. Paste this link into the Ok.Ru video downloader. Your link will be processed shortly and you can choose a file format for saving the video.

It’s that simple how online Odnoklassniki videos can be saved easily to your android, iPhone, or PC.

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