Think Wordle is hard now? One woman saved it from being a lot tougher

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Wordle’s list of answers so far have included some real doozies. But if you think it’s already walking the line of fiendishly difficult, it could’ve been outright hellish. Luckily for us all, an angel of mercy stepped in. Kinda.

Josh Wardle – self-proclaimed ‘not a game developer’ – took to the stage at GDC to talk about the inception of the brainteaser. Among the tidbits to come out of his talk is the story of how we narrowly avoided a list of nightmare words that verge on nonsense (via PC Gamer). Some of them don’t even have entries in the online dictionary.

(Image credit: PC Gamer)

As you can see from the list Wardle shared at the Game Developers Conference, our collective stress levels would’ve been off the charts. The streak-breaking pool of five-letter words includes such gems as eughs, golps, and dawts. I don’t know what they mean, but they sound like the noises you’d make if they’d actually made the cut: “eughs, my three-month streak is ruined!”   


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