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Was a young girl adopted from Russia capable of murder?

US HEADLINES: More than two decades ago, “48 Hours” contributor Troy Roberts reported on the heart-wrenching story of a 9-year-old…

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North Dakota superintendent rails against critical race theory, ‘godless’ Dems

US HEADLINES: A North Dakota school official compared Democrats to Adolf Hitler and called on teachers to push the nation’s…

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DNA inside conch shell leads to arrest of Massachusetts cold case murder suspect

US HEADLINES: That’s a shell of a good job. Cold case detectives solved a 20-year-old murder in Massachusetts thanks to…

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Six Michigan juveniles charged for allegedly threatening violence against schools in wake of Oxford shooting

US HEADLINES: Six teenagers in Michigan are facing charges for allegedly making violent threats against multiple schools and another has…

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Violent LA crime wave, Jacqueline Avant killing result of liberal justice reforms: critics

US HEADLINES: A day after a career criminal was arrested in the fatal shooting of philanthropist Jacqueline Avant at the…

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Biden administration moves to scrap Cadiz water pipeline right-of-way permit, cleared by Trump

US HEADLINES: Federal authorities have moved to reverse a Trump administration decision that cleared the way for Cadiz Inc. to…

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Smoke from wildfires prompts unhealthy air quality alert around L.A. County

US HEADLINES: Smoke from Southern California wildfires prompted health officials on Saturday to issue an unhealthy air quality alert and…

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James and Jennifer Crumbley locked up in same jail as accused Michigan school shooter son Ethan

US HEADLINES: The parents of accused Michigan school gunman Ethan Crumbley are locked up in the same jail as their…

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Large warehouse fire source of lingering stench in California town, investigation finds

US HEADLINES: An investigation into a nauseating stench that plagued Carson, California, for months found that a nearby fire released chemicals into…

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CNN fires Chris Cuomo

US HEADLINES: Chris Cuomo has been fired from CNN for his role in helping his brother, former New York Governor…

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