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Amanda Knox reveals she is pregnant after recent miscarriage


Less than a month after opening up about her painful miscarriage, Amanda Knox revealed Wednesday that she is pregnant.

“That’s right, we’re pregnant,” the cleared former murder suspect said on her podcast “Labyrinths: Getting Lost With Amanda” alongside hubby Christopher Robinson, whom she married in 2018, according to People.

“We’ve been recording audio of our own experience since day one. Stay tuned for our next mini-series, 280 days, where we take you on an intimate journey from conception to birth,” she added.

The couple also shared audio recorded as they awaited the pregnancy results – and she hoped for “three bars.”


“Yes! Thank goodness – we did it!” Knox exclaimed when she learned the good news.

Last month, Knox shared the heartbreaking news that she suffered a devastating and painful miscarriage during the sixth week of her first pregnancy.

Knox was studying abroad in Perugia, Italy, when she was accused of helping then-beau Raffaele Sollecito to kill her roommate, Meredith Kercher, in a supposed sex game gone wrong in 2007.

Amanda Knox speaks to the media.
Last month, Amanda Knox shared that she suffered a miscarriage during the sixth week of her first pregnancy.
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The pair were convictedacquitted on appeal, then convicted and acquitted again.

A man named Rudy Guede was later convicted of the crime.

Knox said they “thought it was a straight line from unprotected sex to baby” — but, as Robinson says, “We were wrong. Painfully wrong.”

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She said she “got pregnant very fast” once she and Robinson began trying after having an IUD removed, adding that they had already set up the nursery and a mural in the baby room.

Amanda Knox being escorted by police.
Amanda Knox was accused of helping then-beau Raffaele Sollecito kill her roommate, Meredith Kercher, in Italy in 2007.
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On Mother’s Day in May, they told their parents that they were expecting their first child, according to the mag.

But Knox said she “knew something was wrong” when an ultrasound didn’t detect a heartbeat at the stage they were supposed to be able to hear one. Doctors hoped for a different outcome in a subsequent visit.

“We went back in a week later — that week sucked, waiting — and it hadn’t grown. It didn’t have a heartbeat,” the “The Scarlet Letter Reports” host and author said.

“That was confusing to me, because I thought, ‘Why would there be a dead baby just hanging out in there? If it wasn’t viable, why wasn’t it going away?’ My body didn’t even know, and that felt weird to me. … I didn’t know that you could have a missed miscarriage,” Knox said.

Amanda Knox
Amanda Knox and Christopher Robinson shared audio recorded as they awaited the pregnancy result.
AFP via Getty Images

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