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Americans are watching TV shows they hate to avoid arguing with their partner


Most Americans spend more than 400 hours a year watching shows they don’t even like — just to avoid bickering with their partner, according to a new study.

A survey of 2,000 US residents revealed that 67 percent of people in a relationship are willing to suffer through shows that only their partners like for four hours a week rather than argue about what to watch, according to a study published by One Poll this week.

The majority of those lovebirds said they were willing to overlook bad acting and predictable plot lines because they love their partners and simply want to avoid fights about changing the channel.


And two in three, or 65 percent, believe their willingness to sit through a show or movie they despise is a sign of true love.

“The stakes are especially high when making TV-watching choices. So once you’ve agreed on a show and settled into the couch for a marathon session, the last thing you want is another argument,” said a spokeswoman for the snack firm Skinny Pop, which commissioned the poll.

Meanwhile, 42 percent of single folks said it was a “deal breaker” if a love interest disliked their favorite TV show or movie, according to the poll.

And 50 percent said it takes them over 10 minutes to come to an agreement. on what to watch in a group of friends or family.

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Meanwhile, 64 percent feel like they waste hours scrolling through channel guides and streaming menus, according to a study commissioned by TV make LG. The same amount confessed they get so overwhelmed they usually just give up and put on something they’ve already seen.

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