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Aussie TV host under fire for saying Meghan Markle should ‘just shut up’


An Australian TV host has come under fire for an on-air tirade in which she said Meghan Markle should “just shut up.”

Edwina Bartholemew, 37, a presenter on 7 News’ breakfast show “Sunrise,” let rip while reporting on claims that the Duchess of Sussex was staying away from Prince Philip’s funeral to avoid being “the center of attention.”

“I’ve reserved judgment about those two for quite some time, but if that is true, it just makes me so angry,” Bartholemew said of Markle and her royal husband, Prince Harry.


While acknowledging that Markle was undoubtedly correct in predicting that her presence at the royal funeral would steal the spotlight, the host said that it “really gets my goat” that she makes sure it is known.

“Just go with the palace line, wouldn’t you, for once,” the exasperated-sounding host said on her show Wednesday.

“Just shut up,” she said of the duchess.

Bartholemew was quickly ripped by some online, with many calling her a hypocrite for needing to be outspoken in her opinions while attacking Markle for supposedly doing the same.

Others noted that Markle did not make the statement publicly herself, instead saying she was on doctor’s orders not to travel because of her pregnancy.

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“If Edwina Bartholomew wants to throw her career and credibility away by simpering to the Palaces and attacking a pregnant woman, we can definitely assist in her in that endeavor,” one person tweeted.

Many others, however, supported the host for her critique — and Bartholomew remained resolute.

When someone tweeted that “Edwina should shut up,” the host replied that she “agreed.”

“I sincerely hope [the Sussexes] reconcile with the [royal] family this week and we can all shut up about it,” she wrote, according to Perth Now.

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