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Georgia teen jailed in Caymans for ditching quarantine admits ‘mistake’


The US college student who ditched COVID-19 quarantine to watch her boyfriend jet ski in the Cayman Islands now admits she made a mistake – and that she deserved being slapped with a two-month jail sentence.

“The anger, the disappointment – it’s all justified. I deserved it all, you know. I made this mistake,” Skylar Mack of Georgia told “Good Morning America” on Tuesday in her first interview since she was released Friday after her sentence was chopped in half by a local court.

Asked if she was aware she had broken the law by removing her monitoring bracelet on Nov. 29, two days into her 14-day quarantine, the 18-year-old premed student said: “It was a conscious decision.”

But she added: “I can’t give you any good reason for it. … I had signed the paper.”


Mack had arrived in the Caymans on Nov. 27 to visit her beau, competitive jet-skier Vanjae Ramgeet.

She was supposed to quarantine for 14 days, wearing the required visitor wristband monitor, but after just two days of isolation and a negative coronavirus test, Mack slipped off the device and went out to watch Ramgeet compete.

Ramgeet, 24, was charged with abetting Mack’s rogue behavior for allegedly helping her break isolation.

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The lovebirds landed a four-month jail term Dec. 15 but appealed the decision — and saw their sentences reduced to two months each.

Mack’s family had pleaded for help to get her sprung, with her grandma even appealing to President Trump in a letter.

Skylar Mack, a pre-med student at Mercer University from Georgia



Skylar Mack, a pre-med student at Mercer University from Georgia


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She now hopes her Caribbean experience serves as a reminder that everyone should take quarantine measures seriously.

“I would have never been able to live with myself knowing that I could have been the reason that somebody could have even just been sick,” Mack told “GMA.”

“The action itself was serious, but like how much worse it could have been. It was a selfish decision. There’s no reason that I can give you to grant me a second chance,” she added.

“I don’t expect anybody to ever forgive me, but I would like for them to at least let me be able to show them that I did learn from it.”

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