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Heartbreaking photos show Ukrainian kids killed in Russian attacks


Heartbreaking images emerged Sunday of some of the youngest victims killed in Russia’s war on Ukraine.

Among the gut-wrenching photos from the Ukrainian city of Mariupol in the Donetsk region was a shot of paramedic Oleksandr Konovalov performing CPR in vain on a small girl brought to a city hospital after she was injured during a Russian attack on civilians. Next to her, an adult covered in blood crouches down in agony.

More photos show the girl inside a Mariupol hospital, where she is surrounded by a team of adults desperately trying to save her young life.

She tragically became one of the 16 children that have been killed so far in the war, said Minister of Health Viktor Lyashko, according to the Kyiv Independent.


Another photo captured some survivors, including a woman shown holding her child and pet dog in her hands as they crowd into a shelter in Mariupol to avoid street fighting and the clashes happening in the city.

Lyashko called the Russian troops “terrorists” for targeting civilians, and President Volodymyr Zelensky said the Russians should be tried for committing international war crimes.

Oleksandr Konovalov attempted to resuscitate the young girl, but she later died.
Oleksandr Konovalov, an ambulance paramedic performs CPR on a girl.
So far, 16 children have been killed in the war.
A woman reacts as paramedics perform CPR on a girl who was injured during shelling.
The young girl was surrounded by a team of adults desperately trying to save her life.

Fighting continued across Ukraine over the weekend, with no clear end in sight as Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered his country’s nuclear-arms system to be put on high alert Sunday.

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Some of the heaviest fighting happened in the city of Kharkiv, where local Ukrainian officials declared victory Sunday.

The lifeless body of a girl killed during the shelling of a residential area lies on a medical cart at the city hospital of Mariupol, eastern Ukraine.
The girl was a victim of Russian shelling.
Medics perform CPR on a girl.
Minister of Health Viktor Lyashko called Russian troops “terrorists” for targeting civilians.
A women holds a child and a dog in a shelter inside a building in Mariupol, Ukraine.
A woman holds her child and pet dog in her hands as they crowd into a Mariupol shelter.

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