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Meat Loaf blamed China for COVID, revealed he couldn’t sing months before death


Rock legend Meat Loaf made a video in which he blamed China for the COVID-19 pandemic and revealed that he had health problems several months before his death Thursday night.

The 74-year-old “I’d Do Anything for Love” singer was filming a happy birthday video on the Cameo service for a fan named Marty in early September when he cast blame for the viral outbreak.

“Marty, take care … I hope you’re able to have at least your family celebrate your birthday with you. I know COVID is a drag and we’re all suffering because of it, and you can blame China, so that’s it,” he said.

The finger-pointing came after he confessed that his voice was hoarse and that he couldn’t sing,  due to a recent endoscopy. 

The “Bat Out of Hell” rocker confessed, “I can’t really sing right now because I had anesthesia today and I had a pipe shoved down my throat.”
Aaron Tinney
Meat Loaf ends the video telling the fan that, "COVID's a drag" and "you blame China."
Meat Loaf ends the video by telling the fan, “COVID’s a drag” and “you blame China.”
Aaron Tinney

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you,” the musician began to croon — before his voice got scratchy and he stopped abruptly.

“I can’t really sing right now because I had anesthesia today and I had a pipe shoved down my throat — yes, an endoscopy this morning. Ugh,” he said.

Endoscopies, which probe the digestive tract, can be used to remove tumors or polyps, though it wasn’t immediately clear why the singer, who had COVID-19 before his death, needed one.

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The Grammy-winning “Bat Out of Hell” singer was reportedly an outspoken opponent of vaccine mandates, lockdowns and mask requirements before falling “seriously ill” Thursday.

He suffered from other health problems including asthma and an injured back in recent months.

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