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NYC expecting at least three inches of snow later this week


New Yorkers rejoice!

The city is expecting to see one to three inches of snow later this week, as we dodge earlier predictions of another big snowstorm, forecasters said late Tuesday.

Snowfall will begin late Wednesday and into Thursday morning, drying out by the afternoon, said AccuWeather meteorologist Brett Rossio.


“We anticipate you guys to escape but there will be some snow,” he said. “It will be light but you will see some. You’ll probably have a break late Thursday and there will be another pulse that will affect [New York City] early Friday morning that will bring you additional snow.”

“Basically, it’s not going to be anywhere near the eight inches,” he said. “It’s probably going to be ranging in the one to three inch realm.”

Forecasters initially said early Tuesday that the Big Apple would see a dump of about eight inches of snow on Thursday.

The city has already seen a total of 32.5 inches from the prior two storms, twice the normal amount of snow for this time of year.

As for the weekend, Rossio warns that a coastal feature could turn into another potential storm late Saturday into Sunday — but that it is too early to tell.

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“We’ll have a better handle of it later this week,” he said of the potential snowstorm. “There’s some indication that it might go out to sea, and then there’s other indication that it might become a blockbuster storm but there is a lot of uncertainty with it. That storm track is going is to be active this weekend across the eastern seaboard.”

What is certain is the ongoing freezing temperatures that will remain in the upper 20s and low 30s, he added, and that people should be careful about icy spots.

“If there are any untreated surfaces, any water on the roadways can freeze so we have to be careful about that,” the meteorologist said.

“What happens now and tomorrow will affect eventually what happens down the road, Rossio said. “It all depends, especially since we’re dealing with this current storm system across the southern states.”

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