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Texas town installs American flag nearly 200 feet in the air to show its patriotism


Everything really is bigger in Texas!

A North Texas town recently installed a 50 x 80-foot flagpole to fly the American flag as high as possible. 

Mayor Kevin Fowler of Rockwall, Texas, a suburb of the Dallas and Fort Worth metro areas, joined “Fox & Friends” on Thursday morning to talk about the idea and how the symbol of patriotism arrived in town. 

“It started in 2016,” he said. 


“We had a council member, Bennie Daniels, who had this dream of having a giant 50 x 80-foot American flag put up in one of the highest points of our city.”

The flagpole sits nearly 200 feet above the town, right off the highway. 

The specific location was intentional, as the mayor said it’s reflective of the strong patriotism in the town. 

For those wondering how this flag was installed — here are the answers. 

Fowler said it was quite the scene and all the preparation and work that took place kicked off speculation among the citizens of Rockwall as to what was occurring. 

The town installed a 50 x 80-foot flagpole to fly the American flag.

“They bring out this giant flagpole. They had to lay it down on the ground and citizens see it — they don’t really know what it is, so there was a lot of speculation in the town,” he said. 

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Some citizens wondered if the large pole was a new wind turbine or a new cell tower.

“But it wasn’t. It was this majestic, glorious flagpole that finally went up,” said the mayor. 

Rockwall, Texas, is a town within the county of Rockwall — and while this might be the smallest county in the state of Texas, Fowler said there is no question about the presence of strong patriotism.

City of Rockwall, Texas
The flag’s location is reflective of the strong patriotism in the town. 
City of Rockwall, Texas
The flagpole sits nearly 200 feet above the town.

“Rockwall doesn’t question patriotism, but we certainly display it.”

He added, “We want to show how patriotic we are.”

The town has a population of over 45,000 people, according to the 2020 Census, and sits just over an hour south of the Oklahoma state line.

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