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Zac Stacy’s ex opens up about PTSD, her baby’s ‘behavioral changes’ since brutal beating


Zac Stacy’s ex-girlfriend revealed that she is suffering from PTSD since the ex-Jets running back allegedly viciously beat her in front of their child.

Kristin Evans also said in an interview that her 5-month son has experienced “behavioral changes” since the Nov. 13 assault at her home.

The horrifying assault was captured on camera and quickly went viral — and the woman told The Sun that the disturbing footage triggers post-traumatic stress disorder.

“It’s very difficult reliving the trauma,” Evans, who saw the video in a recent news interview, told the publication.


Evans, who is studying to become a psychologist, fears her baby will suffer long-lasting effects from being in the living room during the attack.

“Will he remember the event itself? I doubt it,” Evans said.

“But your nervous system develops from the time the mother becomes pregnant until about five or six. So whatever he experiences early in his life will be a trigger or a trauma response. He will in some way be affected by this,” she said.

Kristin Evans admitted she is enduring PTSD in the aftermath of Zac Stacy’s alleged ruthless beating on her in front of their child.
Kristin Evans/Instagram

The mother added that her child couldn’t sleep for a few days after the assault.

“He didn’t quite know what was going on but he was definitely affected by it,” Evans said.

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“And he’s definitely already had some behavioral changes already.”

Stacy was charged with second-degree aggravated battery and third-degree criminal mischief. He is out on a $10,150 bond, but barred from entering the Sunshine State.

Video footage of the assault appears to show the 30-year-old ex-football player hitting Evans in the head and throwing her around a room into a television and baby equipment.

“While she was still on the floor pleading for him to stop, he picked her up and body-slammed her onto a baby walker, causing the object to break,” an arrest record previously reviewed by The Post states.

Evans had stated in a restraining order that Stacy has abused her since she was pregnant with their child.

Kristin Evans is brutally beaten on video by her ex-boyfriend, Zac Stacy.
Kristin Evans fears her son will “some way be affected” by the memory of witnessing her harsh beating.

The mother said she’s speaking out about the abuse with the hopes of helping other domestic abuse survivors and to inspire change.

“What [domestic abusers] want you to do is become silent because then it goes away,” Evans said. “If I stop fighting, then I’m gone and he’s gone and everyone can go back to their lives.”

Former New York Jets player Zac Stacy
Former NFL player Zac Stacy was released on a $10,150 bond.
Orange County Sheriff’s Office via AP

“I want to speak out for change. This issue isn’t going away, so we can keep it relevant until there are changes and bring awareness,” she said.

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