Zimbabwean daily warns against being misled by the West on China

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HARARE, Sept. 27 (Xinhua) — Zimbabwean media and citizens should be careful not to be misled by Western countries that are bent on tarnishing the image of China in Zimbabwe and Africa, said a recent opinion piece in Zimbabwe’s biggest daily newspaper The Herald.

Attempts by the United States and its Western allies to smear China and Chinese investors in the south African country are acts of jealousy and chicanery, which must be condemned by all right-thinking Zimbabweans, said the article, published in The Herald on Friday.

“It is unfortunate that some sections of the media have accepted dirty money to go on this crusade to demonize Chinese companies who are providing employment, livelihoods, and paying taxes for the benefit of the nation,” it said.

“Various false claims are made against Chinese companies and nationals without any attempts to validate them. Western countries want to perpetuate this racist and hateful behavior in an effort to knock out China from its well-earned place in Zimbabwe,” it wrote.


It was regrettable and tragic that some Zimbabweans were allowing themselves to be used against the Chinese for a few dirty pieces of silver, the article said.

While the United States seeks to dominate the whole world, China is, on the other hand, just a friendly country committed to building win-win cooperation with other nations around the globe, it continued.

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China’s cooperation with Africa and Zimbabwe never attaches political or economic strings, and never threatens other countries to exchange their resources for aids, said the paper.

The article came amid revelations that the United States and some Western countries are engaged in sponsoring the media, labor unions, civil society and lawyers to impede the Chinese investments in Zimbabwe.

“The future of Zimbabwe lies with progressive forces such as China,” which is Zimbabwe’s largest source of foreign direct investment, the article said.

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