“Showstopper”: Man’s Hilarious Recreation Of Fashion Shows A Hit On Internet

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According to Shaheel Shermont Flair’s Instagram bio, he is based in Fiji.

A man posted an innovative video on Instagram imitating the models who walk the ramp in fashion shows. The clip has gone viral because of the things he has used to depict the dresses worn by the models. It is a hit on other social media platforms too like Twitter.

One Twitter user named Dr Ajayita shared the video on her profile with the caption, “Most fashion shows these days.”


In the video, the “model” Shaheel Shermont Flair is seen imitating the ramp walk by holding household objects to depict fancy clothing. These are the things he used in the video: A walker around his neck, a tin shade wrapped around his waist to represent skirt and an aluminum ladder. He is even seen walking with a girl hanging on his shoulder.

Further in the video, he is also seen walking with an iron door, a wooden bench on his shoulders and a wooden ladder.

Since being shared, Dr Ajayita’s post on Twitter has accumulated more than 1.5 million views and 80,000 likes.

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Users can be seen flooding the comment section of the post with funny remarks.

One user said, “Is it a fashion show or robbery.”

While another wrote, “Wiooowww he is nothing less SHOWSTOPPER.”

“Is that Paris or Milan,” a third user wrote.

According to Shaheel Shermont Flair’s Instagram bio, he is based in Fiji.


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