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Australian mother’s smart robot vacuum cleaner named ‘Mork’ sends text saying it’s stuck near cliff

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Mum is left in stitches after receiving a VERY alarming text message from her trapped robot vacuum cleaner named ‘Mork’

  • A robot vacuum named ‘Mork’ sent family urgent text message seeking for help 
  • The family found the appliance stuck on the second floor ledge of their home
  • The mum shared the amusing encounter online, leaving the internet in stitches

A mother has shared the amusing moment her ‘smart’ robot vacuum cleaner named ‘Mork’ sent the family an urgent text message seeking for help. 


The woman, from New South Wales, said her husband received an alarming notification on his phone, which is synced to the device, after the wheel of the vacuum was trapped on the second floor ledge of their home.

‘Mork requires your attention. Mork is stuck near a cliff,’ the message read. 

A mother has shared the amusing moment her ‘smart’ robot vacuum cleaner named ‘Mork’ sent the family an urgent text message seeking for help

The mother shared a picture showing the vacuum dangling off the ledge, along with the caption: ‘Husband sent me this – Mork our robot vacuum is stuck.’

The smart vacuum is equipped with cliff sensors so it’s said to actively ‘look for cliffs’ and ‘prevent the robot from falling off a step or other steep drop’.

After sharing the amusing encounter in Mums Who Clean Facebook group, dozens of mothers declared: ‘This has made my day.’ 

‘Poor Mork, our Kevin went down the backstairs and died. Now we have Penny,’ one woman wrote, while a second added: ”Don’t do it Mork. Step back from the cliff Mork! Think of the children!’

Many people said they laughed ‘a bit too hard’ after they saw the post, while others described the scene as ‘hilarious’. 

Others shared similar stories about their own robot vacuum cleaners, with one woman saying her ‘Bruce’ always gets up to mischief around her home.

‘He doesn’t behave and I’m always yelling at him for getting stuck, lost and rolling through cat food. Apparently he got sick of me and decided to teach me a lesson. Drained his battery, revenge, $179 later. I’ll try and yell a little softer,’ she said.

Another said: ‘My Rosie is constantly trying to jump off a cliff,’ while one added: ‘Ours is Dobby and I always get messages that say ‘Dobby is trapped. Please set him free.’ 

One unfortunate woman said her vacuum ended up flying off her staircase because its sensor failed to work.

‘The sensor must of been dirty cause it didn’t even stop at the stairs. It jumped straight off. Jeff wasn’t happy that day to do the cleaning,’ she said.

In August, a mother noticed her robot vacuum disappeared until a notification popped up on her phone saying it was ‘in trouble’ and asked her to ‘please clean up’. 

After much searching, she found the vacuum shrouded in toilet roll in the corner of her bathroom.

‘All wrapped up like a Christmas ham. So funny,’ she posted on Facebook.


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