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In a letter sent to Manfred Weber – the chairman of the European People’s Party (EPP), the largest political organization in the EU Parliament, Council, and Commission – Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban officially announced that his political party, Fidesz, would resign from the center-right group.

Orban’s decision to pull Fidesz out of the faction came after the EPP, which has dominated EU politics for over 20 years, moved to enact a new rule change that would have paved the way for Fidesz to be suspended from its ranks.


Much of the mainstream media, which have bent over backwards for years to tow the line of the EPP, applauded Orban’s walkout. What they failed to grasp, however, was that Orban’s divorce from the EPP was not only a long time coming, but is, in fact, a harbinger of what is likely to come for the mainstream political families in Brussels.

The unwieldy coalition of parties that make up the EPP have spent at least the last dozen years moving further away from the concerns of the average citizen in any one of the 27 countries that make up the European Union. From their dogmatic regulatory dictates to the seemingly endless attempts to socially engineer a new and completely artificial “European” nationality that cripples itself with concern about every color, religion, sexual identity, language, legal/illegal immigrants, and just about every other minority under the sun, without ever taking seriously the basic, generations-old concepts of national identity and pride-of-place or the simple day-to-day fears and hardships of those who are not pleased with the loss of a way of life that they either grew up with or pined for over these decades of sweeping social and economic change.

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The politically correct class within the EPP has, instead, openly mocked those very concepts and those who believed in them. In their view, if this were to have been the dying days of the Roman Empire, they would have insisted that there were no barbarians at the gates, because how dare you refer to them as ‘barbarians’.

While the media and the chatter class of the Brussels Bubble will scoff and ridicule Orban for not being a carbon copy of the thousands of EU cychopants who populate the cafes and cocktail bars of Brussels’ “European Quarer” – the powerful DNA strain that he and others like him in Europe represent remains unchanged and unwavering. That, in and of itself, is a signal that the traditional political parties in Europe may in fact be headed towards extinction.

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