Knowledge is the new capital of our society

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The new year will be a lab for new experiences when it comes to knowledge creation and sharing. In the immediate post-pandemic era, knowledge will be the new enabler of competitiveness in our economy and will be essential to mobilize educational institutions, companies and other actors to build a new society.  The opportunity to reposition knowledge as new capital is a great challenge for all of us innovative and creative individuals, and as effective members of an open society, in order to do our part of a collective engagement and as part of a far better and stronger cooperation between citizens and institutions.

Today’s knowledge puts education, innovation and entrepreneurship into collaboration and draws from a new set of answers and solutions to the new problems and questions that we have in society.  In these new times of uncertainty and complexity, our society must be able to be the platform for a more entrepreneurial agenda that is focused on new areas of expertise and new sectors of value. That´s why the example of some universities and centers of innovation, with their focus on high-added-value clusters like ICT and Health, and building strong partnerships with multinationals and start-ups as well as with the local authorities. This is a good example of a new strategic partnership for the future.

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Knowledge must be a point of departure for the future.  The quality of effective education must also be the new competitive advantage of universities that are being pushed by a global concept of modernity, added value and excellence. A very clear idea suits the main challenges that our society is facing and requires new answers to different questions. The act of global participation in such a demanding society is an exercise of commitment between individual creativity and collective cooperation. Knowledge will be the future capital that will make citizens and institutions more capable of creating a sense of belonging in society.


The practical collaboration of relevant firms and universities/centers of innovation will take on the mantle of being responsible for providing new and practical solutions for products and services that are connected with the expectations of a more demanding society. Co-creation is the keyword for giving knowledge as these will be a new set of ambitions that citizens and institutions will need to reinforce in their networks of value once the pandemic has ended. The new global order after the pandemic time will force companies and universities to reinforce their capital of trust and competence and provide new models of organization for the future.

Value chains have become more complex as a result of the pandemic. Open innovation and collective intelligence will provide new models for this value creation process.

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 This is the time for giving knowledge its right place in the process of competence and building trust. It is also time to reinvent the way that social and economic actors develop an agenda of cooperation that includes intelligence and inclusive promotion of growth and value. With a strong focus on a process of knowledge ambition, we, as citizens of a world that must change, will have to be different from the one that exists now. Most importantly, we must all provide a decisive contribution to the future.

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