La Palma urges residents to stay indoors due to volcanic ash cloud

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Authorities in La Palma have warned residents to stay indoors as the Cumbre Vieja volcano continues to emit ash clouds.

All flights to and from the island have been canceled because of the falling ash, according to Spain’s national airport authority.

Meanwhile, school classes were also suspended on Wednesday in a number of towns on La Palma.

The volcano has been spewing lava, ash, and gases on the Spanish island for more than six weeks since September 19. Scientists have said the eruption could last up to three months.


Emergency services connected to the Canary Islands government have said that the local air quality is “extremely unfavorable” because of the high level of small particles.

The cancellation of flights mean many sightseeing tourists were forced to queue in long lines for ferries to leave La Palma.

Although around 85,000 people live on La Palma, most of the island is unaffected by the volcanic eruption.

More than 7,000 people have been evacuated from their homes due to the threat from the rivers of lava.

The molten rock has now covered more than 997 hectares and damaged more than 2,200 buildings.

Residents on the island have remained on alert amid several earthquakes, including a magnitude 5 tremor that was felt on Wednesday morning.

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