Man arrested for Son Banya attack on Police

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One of the alleged instigators of a vicious attack on four Police Officers in Son Banya a week past Sunday has been arrested.

Officers from the Citizen Security Brigade stopped a taxi at a village checkpoint at around 08:45 on Saturday and recognised the passenger inside as one of the alleged ringleaders of the assault.

On Sunday, November 15, National Police Officers spotted José Fernández Terrón in Son Banya. The grandson of ‘La Paca’ who’s also known as ‘El Chechito’ is wanted by Police and several arrest warrants have been issued for him.

When he saw the Officers he made a run for it but they quickly caught up with him.


Around 100 gypsies allegedly surrounded the Police Officers, beat them up and stoned their cars allowing ‘El Chechito’ to escape. When backup patrols arrived the gypsies dispersed and the suspect was eventually detained.

The Homicide Division is investigating the attack on the Police Officers and trying to identify those involved.

Last Monday the Citizen Security Brigade set up checkpoints at exit and entry points to Son Banya which are expected to stay in place for months.

Vehicles are checked from top to bottom when they arrive or leave the village and all occupants are identified and searched.

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The National Police Force is determined to stamp out drug trafficking in Son Banya and has vowed to punish anyone who buys drugs from the gypsy clans, ‘El Ove’, ‘La Rosario’, ‘Los Andújar’, ‘El Pitillo’ and ‘La Paca’ who are allegedly actively selling marijuana and cocaine.

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