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The COVID-19 pandemic has created new challenges for all countries in the sense that it has created a far more complex and uncertain world. As a result, most nations will be forced to create a strategic agenda platform that is aimed at facing the future with a new ambition – creating the ‘branded nation’.

This will be far more than just a single logo or design. Instead, it must be a confirmation that the different actors that are the engine of the economy and the mover of society are equally and effectively committed to confronting the challenge of creating more added value and a standard of modernity in a networked world in which both the individual and collective engagement are more innovative and creative.

A branded nation cannot, under any circumstances, be determined by law. It must be supported by an effective strategic public and private agenda that includes a concrete goal for the future.


It must also be a clear answer to the different questions that the ongoing crisis has posed.  The global economic situation is becoming complex. Companies are facing increasingly strong competition and more demanding expectations from the markets. The digital innovation challenge is now taking these new challenges for the future and revealing to society the sort of very complex changes and issues that it will be facing far sooner than later.

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It is for this reason that countries must develop effective branding strategies that help move to a new form of strategic positioning in the competitive world of global markets. This is a process that must mobilize different ecosystems in order to initiate the dynamics of change that both the economy and society will inevitably face once the COVID pandemic finally comes to an end.

The agenda for the brand must be supported by strategic proposals that demand a new operational focus.  Innovation and technology must be the enablers for a new standard of competitiveness; universities and companies must form a new strategic partnership that is centered on the objectives of creating added value and maximizing creativity and knowledge.

Multinationals can play an important role in this process by pushing an agenda that promotes mining for talent and innovation, both of which can mobilize startups and other actors of change, to be active players. This means that the act of nation branding will be, in this context, a new social contract between those that believe in a country’s capability and those that intend to act on that notion.

There are numerous examples of practical cases and successful engagements in the process of nation branding. Most of the time, they include very practical programs that intend to develop an effective capacity to attract more investment, more talent, and more tourists. The successful branding of a nation in international rankings depends on factors that, most of the time, are forced to take on the difficult task of accommodating processes that are different in their governance and monitorization.

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It’s because of this that it is very important to have the capacity to embrace a more strategic approach that allows for a sense of effectiveness to the objectives associated with building a value chain and common sharing process through by society and the economy when branding a nation.

We are living in very demanding and challenging times as a result of the COVID pandemic. Nations must be able to face new competitive agendas by mobilizing those that have the competence to contribute to the future of a country’s economy and society.

Different answers to these complex questions are possible and we must understand that in these times of change. Nation branding is a good example of a strategy that can be a very effective tool towards reinforcing the ability of the building process to create the sort of very dynamic future that we all expect to have.

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