The last deception, worse than the first*

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To start with, Donald Trump lost the election. Whether the Democrats cheated or not is irrelevant as Trump was in power and could have prevented any fraud. That the American electoral system, with mail-in voting, opened itself up to possible manipulation is an additional reason to change it. Trump knew it, could have done it, and did not. Bad for him.

Who won this election in America is a big question. Biden, Harris or Wall Street? It remains to be seen. What we cannot foresee at this moment is what Joe Biden will do in the evolving Cold War between the United States and China.

With Trump out and Wall Street on the side of the winners, the Chinese may think that the Cold War will be diffused and China will succeed in conquering the world first economically and subsequently politically.

And yet, the Cold War was not a war of Trump against China, but a war of the administration (State and DOD) against China. Trump simply endorsed it in order to capitalize politically. The incoming administration did not and will not change it and certainly will continue those policies. This time the administration will act on its own, as the son of the President has in the past, certain deals with the Chinese nomenklatura Biden will intelligently stay out of this business.


Logic wants Trump to resign before the end of his term on January 20 and have Mike Pence become interim president for the remaining days. He would then pardon Trump and his family and close, once and for all, the issue of any potential indictment. That will be the best case scenario for the Democrats as they will not be politically obliged to persecute Trump.

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In this case, either they will opt to do nothing, which will mean the ultimate humiliation, or they will proceed with the prosecution. In this case, Trump will certainly refuse any participation in what he will name a “grotesque bluff”, and then what? Who will arrest a former president with tens of millions of fanatic followers ready to turn America up-side-down and thus trigger the next civil war?

However, we shall see whether Trump will do them the favor or not.

Sunrise over the White House on January 6, 2021. EPA-EFE//SHAWN THEW

Last, but not least, in this brief review, the American social media platforms that decided to block Trump’s accounts is not ridiculous, it is criminal. How is it that a private enterprise is exercising censorship to an active politician who has not been convicted by any court? In democracies these kinds of decisions are made solely by the justice departments of those respecting governments

In any decent, real democracy, such companies would be shut down in no time and their management would be preventively detained. Today it is about Trump, tomorrow it will be Biden or Harris and after tomorrow, who knows who it will be.

Whether America is a decent real democracy is another story.

* Matthew 27:64

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