This is the best time to create a common future

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This new year is a different time.  Every time we have a change in our roadmap, it is the opportunity for thinking about the experiences of the past and present and to define in a very positive and open way, some reflections about our individual and collective future.

We live in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous times. Our institutions have the responsibility to contribute to the creation and sharing of more value.

This is a time of digital transformation, of collective intelligence, and collaborative networks that are platforms for a more positive way of thinking about the challenges that all of us are facing in the future. This is the best time to create a common future.


This is an agenda for those that believe that only a systemic project for innovation and creativity is possible to sustain the competitiveness of the economy and the future of society. In these hard times that we are living in, we must be capable of constructing new frontiers of hope for a new collective answer to the very complex challenges we are in fact facing. The future is already tomorrow and contrary to the past we must integrate our vision for a common purpose that will be the basis for a new social foundation. Things will be different, but our capacity to deal with the future is even stronger.

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This new agenda is evidence that when we are competent and we cooperate, we are able to give a sense of reality to the projects that we are involved in. It is important to have good communication with citizens and institutions in order to build an effective convergence towards a society of trust and intelligence.

To be back to the future is above all an individual and collective commitment with our community. It must be a public space where the flow of ideas is the platform for more value and a better quality of life.

We live in a time where different problems demand a different set of solutions. Our society is more demanding when it comes to quality and efficiency and what citizens expect when it comes to a collaborative and participative agenda in their common lives.

digital transformation, sustainable goals and social innovation are some examples of continuous movements that are actively working to improve the way we live and cooperate on a collective basis. They will not, however, have any positive result if people are not prepared to integrate this new kind of knowledge and work practices into their way of living.

We need a new kind of competence that prepares every citizen for a capacity of the new values of society. This is and will be the real basis for a new contract of trust between those we belong to a community that is focused on the future.

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Peter Drucker, one of the foremost experts on management, defends his ideas about excellence by saying, “the best way to anticipate the future is to create it”.

This open and proactive attitude towards our future is one of the key messages of the ideas that constitute the concept of an agenda of enablement. People must be motivated to take part in a new kind of collective engagement. They should also be engaged with society and in a push towards innovation and creativity as drivers of difference that mobilize citizens and institutions.

This year, and for the rest of the decade, this time must usher in a new and effective capacity and a new sense of modernity and trust for our society. I believe we will gain from this and I am committed to giving my individual and collective contribution to this agenda for the future

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