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‘A shame Covidiots don’t share same sentiment’

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As I sat amongst the pensioners in Buckhurst Hill awaiting my vaccination I felt at peace, a sudden calmness had descended upon me.

I had re-landed on the Planet I knew so well. People chatted in the way I had grown up with and the selfish looney brigade was a million miles away.

There was no talk about being injected with microchips, phone masts giving you Covid and idiots spouting codswallop that wearing a mask was a breach of their human rights.


The people there weren’t out holding raves and street parties nor were they sticking up two fingers to vulnerable people desperately trying to avoid a disease that could surely kill them and countless other innocent people.

The only controversial thing I heard came from an old school gentleman who remarked that had Churchill been Prime Minister all the covidiots would have been rounded up and put in interment camps where they could all die of Covid whilst claiming they didn’t have it because it was all a hoax.

There was much nodding from the wise old heads who had witnessed the horrors of Smallpox, Polio and Measles; all hoaxes according to the mob that have problems coming to terms with reality.

I’m back to my Planet in a couple of weeks for my booster and I can’t wait.

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A little bit of normality is all I seek and it’s a shame that the covidiots don’t share the same sentiment.

Tom Benfield

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