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Do you love listening to songs?

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Music helps lighten up a student or parent, even teenagers.While listening to the song you would feel different kinds of emotions such as happiness,sadness or calmness.While you are walking down the night path you could listen to music to brighten up your day.Music helps to do different kinds of things in life such as lighten up your mood,boost your memory,reduce anxiety and depression and etc…


Music can help spread happiness and joy.For some people they would think that music doesn’t influence them but for others it does.Students listen to music while studying.This would either influence them or make them concentrate but for some students they can’t study and listen to music at the same time.They wouldn’t understand of what they are reading or thinking.Music is a type of art.People put music on and do different artworks that contains different emotions.Scenerys can inspire you in your daily life and that can also lighten your mood if you don’t like listening to music.



Music can give you an inspiration in life.It could also help of what you want to be in the future.You can be either a singer,dancer,actress,doctor,engineer and anything of what inspires you.Music can also link to culture.It can play a big part in life rather than just a source of entertainment. “Music is not to hear but to feel”

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