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By Ian McConnell, Herald Business Editor 


FEW will disagree that this has been a year of poor decisions from the UK Government on the economic front.

Major mistakes have been made in addressing the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic, particularly on the unemployment front. And the Government has continued full tilt with its drive to leave the European single market even amid the crisis.

The sad reality is that so many jobs will have been lost because of the Government’s repeated refusals – eventually reversed – to extend its coronavirus job retention scheme. That this was extended until March came as a relief but whether this is long enough certainly remains to be seen.

However, it is what it is, and we must look ahead with as much optimism as we can muster. The best news of all, of course, is that the rollout of Covid-19 vaccination has begun.

However, the hope this offers is in stark contrast to what the Brexit shambles will bring. The next few months will be tough for all of us but it is not all doom and gloom – there are some bright spots on the horizon for those businesses in the right sectors and in positions to seek out new opportunities.

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Ian McConnell
Business Editor, The Herald

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Ian McConnell

The Herald’s Business Editor says we must face Brexit challenges head on

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