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Memories With Hyde Park- Yasmin Shamsse (Gumley House)

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Located in central London, Hyde Park gains many visits due to its natural beauty, places to visit, and many events throughout the year. With thousands of people going through each day, we all have different memories and stories attached to this spirited park. 

Many of us have been to Hyde Park with family: we have many memories of outings, family chats, picnics, and laughter. Through having a picnic or simply walking along the park together families have been able to enjoy each other’s company and spend time together where they may not usually be able to in their busy lives. 



“When I was younger my family and I often went to Hyde park together.” Katie Temple says. Katie remembers a time where she and her family had gone on the pedlars through the lake during the summer. She was able to spend time with her cousins and relatives after not seeing them for a long time and enjoy the day with them, describing it as a fun experience she still is grateful for. Even years after, outings such as these are memorable and something families look back on together. 


Hyde Park is a place for all, whether with family, friends, or alone. Debates and protests, skating and cycling, music and dance. People from all different backgrounds go to the same place but each has a unique and memorable experience. 

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