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Mum’s outrage over incomplete McDonald’s orders three times in a row

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A mum from Sutton has expressed her outrage after receiving three incomplete McDonald’s orders delivered by Uber Eats.

Most recently, Lesley Barnor Towsend, 36, ordered multiple food items, drinks and desserts on Sunday evening from the Sutton High Street McDonald’s through the company’s app.

According to Lesley, the order was delivered to her home by Uber Eats, but was missing five items in total – including drinks and apple pies.

Mum-of-three Lesley said that this is the third time that this has happened to her, and is now out of pocket by around £14 from McDonald’s who she says has consecutively not delivered what she has ordered and paid for.


Lesley said it is not the money that she is concerned about, but she instead wants McDonald’s to take responsibility for the problem.

She added that this is clearly a recurrent issue as she received a number of responses on a Facebook post from people who had experienced similar issues.

Lesley told Your Local Guardian: “On Sunday I called McDonald’s to tell them about the issue and I explained that I didn’t have the Uber Eats driver’s number to tell them because I had ordered through the McDonald’s app.

“They just said to contact Uber Eats and the person I spoke to at McDonald’s wouldn’t give me his name which made my fury really ramp up.

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“I understand the consequences for them of sending a driver out again just for some drinks or apple pies, but I was told on the phone that I was speaking to the most senior person there and they still wouldn’t even give me their name.

“I was told that having any details about him wasn’t going to help me even though I just wanted the name to reference the call if I had to ring back.

“He said ‘I’m not going to (give you my name), I don’t have to’, and said knowing his name won’t ‘make my case any better’ with Uber Eats.

“It really annoyed me and I’ve never dealt with any customer relations where they can’t give me a name.

“It’s not just the refund it’s that they aren’t taking responsibility for the fact this was the third time it had happened.”

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Lesley added that when she had ordered a McDonald’s delivery previously through Uber Eats and items were missing, she had used their app and was given a refund “easily” to compensate her for her losses.

She argued: “I can’t go to McDonald’s and take something that they consider as needing paying for and then say sorry and just walk out whether I give it back or not.

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“There has to be some accountability for this.

“The man on the phone told me that drinks and apple pies are from two different areas of packing so it’s unlikely that it was there mistake and it must be that of Uber Eqats.

“Uber Eats can’t do anything because there’s no record because I ordered through McDonald’s.

“It just doesn’t make sense to me.”

Lesley asked McDonald’s in Sutton if she could go to the franchise and get her money back – despite having ordered her meal to be delivered because she couldn’t take all of her three kids out that night.

She says she was told that this wasn’t possible.

Lesley added: “I was told it’s not the process, and that’s not what McDonald’s do.

“They said they believed me and are sorry but that there are too many orders to check.

“I said I’ve got my children here, it’s raining and I can’t get them all in the car to chase my little bits of food but I deserve my money back.

“Again I just got told to call Uber Eats.

“It’s really pushing me this far that people can be in charge of stores and have such poor relations.

“It makes me think it’s a bigger problem than we even realise”.

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Previously, Lesley has made a breakfast order and had pancakes and other items missing, and another order was missing chips and a drink.

She said that while she “doesn’t care” about the £14, she worries that she is “only one person in one tiny town”.

Lesley said: “When you listen to it it’s so silly, it’s a McDonald’s order but it’s clearly a bigger issue.

“I posted on a decent sized Facebook group and I got so many replies so quickly.

“It made me realise that there’s something going on and I’m fuming.

“They have apologised but I would love for them to see how big the problem is.

“It’s not the teams themselves, but the McDonald’s system isn’t working.

“Don’t offer a service that you’re too underequipped for.

“I’ve noticed that when you do go into a McDonald’s, they prioritise deliveries and it seems to be delivery first, then people at the drive thru, then people picking up their orders.

“If that’s the case, don’t get it wrong.”

McDonald’s and Uber Eats were both approached for comment.

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