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No, that’s not a photo of Eric Lindros. That’s a sketch that took 44 hours. | CBC News

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Self-taught artist Dan PIetens has been drawing NHL players since the start of the pandemic, and the NHL has been paying attention. (Drawing by Dan Pietens)

At first glance, Dan Pietens‘ most recent graphite sketch of former NHL player, Eric Lindros looks like a photograph. 

But the life-long portrait actually took him 44 hours to complete, he’ll assure you. Don’t believe him?


Just watch the time lapse video on Youtube:

“People really like the time lapses,” he said. “It also helps when people say these are photographs. They’re not drawings.”

The self-taught artist got serious about drawing during the pandemic. “When COVID hit and I was going through some mental health challenges, that’s when I picked up my pencils again,” said Pietens.

Dan Pietens, 31, used to be a physiotherapist but left his career because he was unhappy. Today he is a full time artist. (Submitted by Dan Pietens)

“I had done a whole bunch of commissions of dogs and family portraits and a few golfers,” he said. But when the NHL season finally started amid the pandemic, Pietens, a longtime hockey fan, was inspired to draw NHL players. 

His first subject was Peter Forsberg, Pietens all-time favourite player.

“I finally felt like I had developed my skills enough to the point where, you know, I could do him some justice.”

London artist Dan Pietens drew this sketch of NHL player Peter Forsberg at the start of the pandemic. (Drawing by Dan Pietens )

Pietens, 31, gave up a career as a physiotherapist a couple of years ago, after struggling with anxiety. He pursued a few other jobs before landing on his passion and today is a full-time artist today who is catching the attention of the NHL with his life-like drawings.

“The NHL has shared the majority of my drawings,” said Pietens. And as a result, NHLers have been seeing Pietens’ work, including Lindros. “I was just floored because, you know, he’s he’s an idol of mine,” he said.

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