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Passionate, informed discussion about our future is not anti-SNP

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SO, has peace broken out post-SNP conference: voting concluded, some folks out, some in, egos erased? As someone not in the SNP or any political party, I truly hope so. For no matter our party political persuasion, we have to acknowledge that it’s been the SNP that’s got us this far in the fight for independence.

But now, have fissures opened up internally and irreparably? Have we been persuaded for this faction or that? Are we now camped behind this one or that one? Are we so fickle in our determination to regain independence that we will be derailed?

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Surely a faction by any other name can be positive, and far from destructive, if there is unity in purpose. So where is that unity? Not currently on display in the media! Pro-Unionist outlets, when they can be bothered commenting on Scottish politics, highlight their latest warped spiel of negativity, failures and now the in-fighting.

I personally don’t expect Nicola Sturgeon to come out publicly, all ablaze, knocking heads together. After all, if she did, imagine the headlines: “not doing the day job” type of thing. So whose job is it? Mike Russell in his new position? Or the concerned individuals themselves? Or both, with shared common purpose coming to the fore and taking precedent?

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It is easy for us to ignore that the original common purpose, the fight, the leadership for independence, has been diverted and we don’t sufficiently acknowledge that the SNP is both in government here and in opposition in Westminster at the same time. No easy position to hold, manage and deliver, but it was we, as voters, who put them there.

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I do believe that our hunger for independence will triumph. Not least demonstrably next year with a resounding majority success for the SNP and pro-indy parties in Holyrood. But it is far too precarious for the SNP to believe that our hungering for independence will automatically deliver that vote.

I had to take a deep breath, then, when I read about the policy initiatives as outlined last week by Alex Salmond and Alex Neil for helping shape indy Scotland. But then I took another deep breath. Some will say this intervention is in opposition to the SNP, but I haven’t seen anything from the so-called Unionist opposition. Unless you believe that Brown, Starmer et al think there is mileage in federalism, devo max and all the other spinning that some fell for in the past.

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Unionists with such initiatives and policies have been round the block so often, they’re not gaining serious traction with voters. Cross-reference with the polls confirms this. And yet, Unionists cannot come up with anything credible!

We need to set the scene, have discussions, policy debates around how we will govern, how we will fashion our country, our future. It is far better to have informed and yes, passionate, open dialogue that keeps the indy focus at the forefront.

Let’s dominate that talk, that interest coming from pro-indy perspectives. It needs to be wide and engaging for a better future, not a turn off, not self-destroying, not least in the coming days as Brexit bites and we struggle through the next stage of the pandemic.

Selma Rahman

QUESTION: Whose opinion is of less value, the failed former politician who quit his post rather than deliver his “vow” Gordon Brown, or the ultra Unionist and faux historian Neil Oliver?

It’s a tough question because neither are of even remote value or interest. Neither holds a worthy position giving them any semblance of relevance and yet, thanks to the Unionist media and perhaps to an even greater extent The National, we are continually bombarded with both.

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