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Pets seized from man seen ‘beating and strangling’ dog

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A man found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to a dog he was looking after has been banned from keeping dogs for five years.

Addlestone man Shawn Power, 42, was convicted of three animal welfare offences and sentenced last month (May 25) at Staines Magistrates Court to a five year ban on keeping dogs, plus a £200 fine.

He was also deprived of the ownership of his two dogs after an incident in public where a passerby reported seeing him beating one of his dogs.


One eye witness recounted seeing Power “beating his dogs up and throwing them around and stuffing them into bags.”

A spokesperson for Surrey Police described that particular incident in further detail:

“He threw his backpack at one of the dogs, which hit it, then picked the dog up and started strangling and punching it whilst swearing at it.

“When members of the public intervened, the man started shouting and swearing at them, before he eventually walked off, stuffing the dog into his backpack and zipping it up.”

Power was arrested soon after and his dogs, named Bruno and Kizzy, were seized under Section 18 of the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

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Within a few days of the court’s decision, both dogs were rehomed and Surrey Police said they “are now living a happy life with a new owner”.

PC Hollie Iribar, Rural Crime Officer for Surrey, said, “I am very proud of the effort that the investigating officer put into this case.

“Shawn Power treated Bruno and Kizzy awfully, and I am glad that his sentencing includes a disqualification from keeping dogs for five years.

“It must have been very distressing for the members of the public who witnessed this incident, but I am very grateful to the persons who called police, because this allowed us to use our powers under the Animal Welfare Act to protect these mistreated pets.

“Bruno and Kizzy are the sweetest dogs, and are now recovering in their forever home.”

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