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Raynes Park artist releases powerful song about mental health

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A 29-year-old is fundraising for mental health charity CALM – with his new music video called ‘shame’.

Raynes Park artist Bert Brett hopes to encourage men to ‘be more open’ and address the stigmas that surround men and mental health.

CALM aims to spread awareness of suicide and its devastating impact- by using cultural touch points including art, music, sport, and comedy.

His new video ‘shame’ released today ( December 3 ) and aims to address the stereotypes that surround male masculinity.


He said: “I’ve been making music since I was a kid from about 8 years old, but only started to release recorded music this year.

“Many of my tracks have social themes and observations in them – I think it’s really important to capture that as an artist and to connect with the listener and to make your values as an artist understood.

“The song originated from conversations I was having with male friends, family and personal experiences of mental health challenges.

“I realised that there is a tendency as a man to feel like you need to just absorb pressure and toughen up, especially growing up as a teenager in those formative years.

Your Local Guardian:

“We are in a climate where everything moves so fast with the internet, social media and technology and so there are a lot of external pressures and perceptions that we are all exposed to that have a big effect on us, sometimes without us knowing.

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“2020 has been the hardest year for generations and there are many people who are really struggling and having to adapt.

“Managing our mental health is one of the most important things we can do to cope.”

He added: “I’d love for anyone watching ‘shame’ to realise that people of all ages and backgrounds are affected by mental health on some level.

Your Local Guardian:

“If it meant that someone struggling watched it and was able to speak about their feelings to somebody else that would be incredible.

“But also, to encourage empathy in others to be there with open ears to listen to anyone experiencing similar issues.”

Bert Brett has raised a whopping £885 out of his targeted £1,250 at the time of publishing.

To donate visit at https://www.gofundme.com/f/shamevideo4calm

See his YouTube channel here.

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