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So-called indy supporters poisoning the well are not helping our cause

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The letters page of The National seems to have been under a concerted bombardment of copy-and-paste letters from a very small, disgruntled band of independence supporters – and I use the description supporters very loosely, as if these are the actions of supporters, we really don’t need opponents.

It’s not the Scottish Government who are spreading disquiet in the greater movement, but a small number of the disaffected with tales of woe, conspiracy and rage.

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Its long past time for these people to take a long, hard look at themselves and analyse what they are doing and bringing to the cause of independence. Can they leave the negativity behind and play a positive, active role or is it going to be more of the same? Getting some sad pleasure from spreading their negativity onto others?

If it’s the latter I’d respectfully ask you to go find another hobby or cause, turn up on the referendum day and vote Yes and leave this to those who have not been overcome with negativity and despair. You are poisoning the well that we all drink from and working against the cause you claim to support.

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B Allan

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