How do bookmakers create their bonuses?

People who like betting on sports know that they can go to a land-based betting shop or create an account on a sports-betting website. Although many people like the first option, most punters prefer betting online because they can wager on everything they like within seconds.

Besides being more convenient and full of things to choose from, most online bookies have another advantage over their land-based counterparts, and that’s the different bonuses. If you take a look at a few random sports betting websites, you will notice that each one has another type of promotion that you can choose from.

There are many different types of promotions that people can avail themselves of. Some of them can be used only by new clients, whereas others are available to registered customers who already made their first deposit. If you want to check both types of rewards, take a look at this code for 1xbet bookmaker, and you will find numerous offers for registered clients, as well as a promo for newly-registered punters.

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at the process of creating a bonus.

First, they have to decide what they want the promo to be like


The first thing that every betting operator has to decide is the type of bonus. If the website offers casino games and sports, it usually chooses one of the two categories. However, there are some rewards that can be used on both things, which makes them more attractive.

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Once the given bookie decides the section it wants to focus on, the next thing that it needs to do is to add the specific requirements. This is where it gets tricky because there are all sorts of conditions that can be implemented.

If the operator wants the promo to be available only after a successful deposit has been made, it needs to think of the minimum deposit requirement and the bonus percentage. Another condition that is also important to have is that it requires punters to use their reward a certain number of times before it can be withdrawn. This thing is a must because otherwise, clients would be able to withdraw their bonus funds right away.

They need to take into account the potential risks

While drafting the specific terms and conditions that you have to comply with once you start betting, gambling companies need to consider all of the potential risks they take. After all, the reason why they have bonuses in the first place is to bring over new customers and earn money.  

 That’s why some places require you to wager your bonus over sixty times within a week.

Some bookies have to get into contact with some of the companies whose payment options are available 

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If you have some betting experience, you might know that some of the deposit bonuses can be used only if you make a deposit using a particular payment option. To make this happen, bookies have to get into contact with the specific company.

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