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Samson: Mike Trout needs the Angels to reach the playoffs if he wants to stop hearing the same questions

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Going into any recent MLB season, a question that consistently comes up is whether Los Angeles Angels superstar slugger Mike Trout can finally make it to October. Trout is the best player in baseball right now, but you’d never know if you only pay attention to baseball’s postseason. Trout’s Angels have been to the playoffs just once during his 10-year MLB career, and they were swept out of the ALDS in 2014.

The Angels have added different players around Trout, but each year they fall flat.

Heading into each new regular season, fans and media members take a close look at the Angels roster changes from the offseason in an attempt to calculate whether they will have a fighting chance that year.


This year is no different, and, like always, Trout is being asked the same questions he is always asked.

On Tuesday’s episode of David Samson’s podcast, “Nothing Personal with David Samson,” the former Miami Marlins president breaks down these questions and explains what Trout has to do to stop hearing them.

“Mike Trout meets the media and he gets asked the question he gets asked every year, ‘what can you do better,’ ‘what can the team do better?'” Samson explains.

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Samson continues, saying, “You better be ready to hear that question every year until your team performs, especially given the fact that whatever your team does … they still stink year after year.”

The podcast host says there is one thing and one thing only that can get those questions to stop: reach the playoffs.

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