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Anthony Davis promises to get blonde stripe in hair like Dennis Schroder’s if Lakers win championship

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When we talk about Anthony Davis‘ hair, we’re almost never referring to what is on his head. Davis has embraced his unibrow to such an extent that he even trademarked it, but when it comes to the rest of his hair, he’s generally been pretty traditional. While the length has varied between shaved and somewhat long, he’s never tried any unusual styles or different colors. 

But that could very easily change in the next few months. On a Call of Duty stream Tuesday, Davis promised to put a blonde stripe in his hair to match the one sported by teammate Dennis Schroder… if the Lakers win the championship. 

Davis wouldn’t be Schroder’s first converted teammate. Last season, Oklahoma City Thunder youngster Justin Patton showed up one day with some blonde on the back of his head. The culprit? Schroder and his barber. “My barber, he was in San Francisco,” Schroder explained in November 2019 (h/t Dorian Craft of Thunder Wire). “He wanted to do the blonde patch and I told him, ‘do something else’ you know? And I convinced him to do it in the back. I kind of like it.”

At the moment, the Lakers aren’t quite in championship form. The team has fallen to sixth in the Western Conference and are fighting just to avoid the play-in round. But the Lakers are the defending champions, and a blonde streak would be somewhat fitting if they managed to repeat. The Lakers wear gold jerseys, and the Larry O’Brien trophy is gold as well. Matching that color in his hair would be a fitting way to celebrate back-to-back titles. 


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