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Scotty Pippen Jr. says his dad would fake injuries when they played 1-on-1 during COVID lockdown

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Scotty Pippen Jr. is starting his professional basketball career soon and has the advantage of having an NBA legend as a father to get some wisdom. However, one-on-one games are no longer an option for the father and son. 

Pippen Jr. went undrafted during the 2022 NBA Draft but signed a two-way contract with the Los Angeles Lakers. During Tuesday’s media availably after the first official practice, Pippen Jr. was asked about his famous dad and whether or not they play together. Apparently, six-time NBA champion Scottie Pippen can no longer keep up with his son. 

“My dad stopped playing me,” Pippen Jr. said. “I was wearing him out. I used to beat him, and he would fake injuries and stuff. He wouldn’t give me the credit, so we stopped playing a while ago.” 

Pippen Jr. said the last time they played together was during the COVID-19 lockdown. Basketball seemed like a good way to pass the time, but eventually dad decided it was time to hang up his sneakers. 


“We were in the house locked up, and we used to start playing,” Pippen Jr. said. “Then he would be like, ‘I’m not going to get hurt playing with you.’ So we stopped playing.”

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Scottie Pippen will be 57 years old in September, so it’s understandable that competing against the Vanderbilt standout who led the SEC in scoring last season seems a little intimidating for someone well into his AARP years. Pippen Jr. said his dad would use fakes and try to post him up once in a while, but they mostly played the perimeter. 

The Lakers are set to begin play in the California Classic in San Francisco on July 2 with a game against the Miami Heat. They will then take on the Golden State Warriors and the Sacramento Kings on July 3 and 5, respectively, before heading to Las Vegas for Summer League. 

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